„Miško istorijos" ieško dalyvių projektui "Breathe Clean and Live Green" Turkijoje lapkričio 10-18 dienomis


About the project

4.6 million people a year worldwide, about 30 thousand people in Turkey lose their life because of the air pollution according to studies conducted. In many cities in Turkey, it is known that there is the problem with air pollution, and it has been found that Manisa's air is "risky" for 320 days in a year; and this fact makes Manisa one of the 5 most air polluted city in Turkey.

To raise awareness about the harmful effects of this pollution and the rising rate of air pollution due to various reasons throughout the world is one of the most important steps taken in order to prevent the health problems of the world. Therefore, NGOs operating on environmentalism in Europe and in Turkey, needs to take collective steps towards implementation of preventing air pollution behalf of government agencies and youth groups to work together and environmentalism goals of the Europe 2020 strategy needs to take collective steps towards implementation.

These needs build up the grounds of our project. Our project basically involves targets such as drawing attention to the growing problem of air pollution in the recent years in Europe and Turkey, informing people that our world is aging faster because of huge waste of our natural resources, producing ideas that can be useful for decision makers, politicians, governers, NGOs and European Union to take action for this problem. Our activities involve formal and informal learning techniques, as much as it lifts the capacities and key competencies of our participants.

Our project finally aims to create European Citizenship awareness on young people, to make them be aware of public problems and inform them that being a citizen involves environmentalist aproaches; to advocate about Erasmus+ projects and raise its effectiveness, to give new youth workers who will work on environmental issues, development, urbanization, air and water pollution a chance to find themselves; and to let more active, young people and organizations to bloom who will have a word to say on air pollution issue in different cities of Turkey and Europe, not only in Manisa. 

If you're interesting in participating, click here for more information and here to apply.